Where is the Sun in your chart

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01 Jan

Your astrological chart is unique as your sun shines in a specific house, with specific strength. 

But why is it important to know such a thing? 

The Sun will always show you the path in your life. Where you can show the best of you. Your talents are here,and are well recognized by the others. The combination between Sun sign and house tell us where you should work to develop the best of yourself, what is your personal mission and journey. 

So what the Sun would actually do for you is to make you willingly or unwillingly strive to achieve the highest possible manifestation of the individual sign. If you are Ares for example you will be a protector of the weak, speaker of the truth, warrior of the justice. You might not see yourself as such but others will. Alternatively, you might have a strong impulse to accomplish this every day and in each fight you strive to pick! 

The attributes of each sign will be demonstrated on daily basis. 

Challenge comes when we combine the Sun power with the domain of which it rules. You will put most of your efforts to show your true colors there. 

Again with the Aries, imagine it in the Seventh house, this warrior of the truth feels best with other warriors, shines brightest when in partnership, longs for true friendship. Do you think it will be easy for the rest of the world to accept the fast and furious Aries so easily? Do you think our Aries will make adjustments to his/hers journey just to have a partner? What about the partners that come along- as strong and as furious but still different, with different points of view. 

Here is how a conflict is formed only on the simple basis of sign and house placement of the Sun, one single  part of our horoscope.

So it happens that one day our Aries is tired and sick of fights, decides to take a little break from all the conflicts....Of course this is exactly the time when external provocation comes along. Despite the decision to be more humble or settled life happens and conflict finds him/her. A rough reminder of who he/she really is and what he/she must achieve, where he/she should find itself. 

The fuel for our existence comes from Sun sign and where we find it is the house where Sun is placed. 

Many variations of the above scenario happen in a day, because we do not live disconnected from the World. We are part of a bigger organism called society, Universe if you wish, and our role is important, meaningful and fulfilled when we realize where is our place, when we stop denying the urges of the Sun, accept and integrate them. Never complaint about your Sun sign - this is the engine of your organism, the more you recognize it the more useful it becomes. 

Very often people turn to Astrologers to ask about the future, however the true beauty of Astrology is to help you become yourself! No judgement, no guilt , no doubts! 

Sun also talks about the ego - whether it is a well dosed or a little under, where we find authority, where we build ourselves as authority in the World. This is why many people would argue they do not recognize themselves as the traditional sign- Pisces, Aquarius etc. 

I always find it funny when this happens. I have a client who is a Scorpio - he always claims he has nothing to do with Scorpions, he wishes all the best for the people and never wants to hurt them. I am not sure where he got the idea of Scorpions hurting others, but every time we meet he shall be very straight to the point: " Have you put on some wight? Are you in fight with your partner again? ". Such a deep knowledge of the weaknesses of other people, I would say this is the single most powerful tool of the Scorpions - they see the hidden problem. Also, they are great at hiding things deep! I know I can share anything with this client and he will keep my secret. 

Back to the point with the Ego - the need to be special and unique, belonging to a group can take this away from us, so we would never admit we find our personality traits into other people, unless in our children of course. The other side of this - wanting to belong somewhere so strongly , that we agree with whatever others say about us based on their perception. In other words our Ego feeds by either denying the opinion of the others or fully accepting it. None of these positions are healthy for us. We become depended for our self awareness on others. Here is when the problem with the authorities also comes along. Both situations build our authority in a slightly different path. When we disagree - we are the single authority for our self, nobody else could know better. What happens when we want to agree with the others - oups!  we still need to disagree in order to protect the Ego! Agreeing  about the position of others build a feeling we are right as we support external opinion. Then we switch groups and ....oups! this groups supports a totally different point. How are we going to agree? Are we going to blend in? Our Ego again suffers. 

This is a beautiful and magical cycle of being an individual and still being accepted by others. 

Knowing what your Sun demands of you :) Knowing what your Sun gives you as strength and weakness will support you in building a healthy Ego and help you recognize the right Authority figures or why you resent them. 

On top of the above there is a whole other dynamic related to the natal aspects to your Sun and current planetary transits that support your Sun~