What happened today?

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03 Apr

Today the planet Neptune along with the Moon, Venus and Mercury! All have come together in the sign of Pisces. This sort of planet mixture coming together does not happen often, especially in the  sign of rulership of Neptune. Neptune is not a planet that we people can easily sense and we do not have direct connection the planet's energies because it is based after Saturn. As we know - Saturn is our ultimate limit currently.  

So...what actually has happened is a big deal! Neptune found the best messengers for it's testament!!! 

On one side we have Mercury - the ultimate messenger who is channeling for the planets to people. On that note - excellent time to re-think your deepest wishes, to connect yourself with a bigger plan, a bigger hope. Excellent time to be very distracted, do not worry if today you forget half of the things you must do..... Mercury in Pisces has this effect on us-today and tomorrow stronger than ever. After being retrograde ,when Mercury gave us a chance to course-correct our thoughts on love, belonging, art and inspirations, when meditation was the best tool to such one's soul, now we do have a direct channel in our hands to build new romantic, musical,artistic, spiritual thoughts and visualizations. Search for the love of the Universe and how it is send to you. Softer way of thinking, most of our ideas are not crystal clear, if we want to express something best way is throughout a poem, metaphor, music. Self-expression will be much true and deep as result. 

Next comes Moon in the picture- we shall be more sensitive to others and their reactions, also we are now open emotionally and our wounds will show, one way or another! However, this is the time to feel the ultimate love- very likely many of us to fall in love today. Not with a particular person but with everything, every single thing can make us feel love, appreciation, deep loving vibrations. Now is the moment to say goodbye to old emotional blockages and really express our love to us, the Universe as well. These two day we shall be very vulnerable emotionally and most likely a ton of insecurities will come out. Fears, unwanted feelings will pour out at the worst times possible, it will be hard to define what is actually happening..... 

What is actually happening is the best time to meditate, stop and think about what is going on in your life. Say goodbye to all these unwanted emotions. They will come chasing you - now we have the change to recognize them and appreciate what is provoking them. Now we have a chance to feel cured!

Pisces is the sign of the End and the Ultimate love. Neptune rules this sign. So ... once in a lifetime we have this configuration in order to clean the backlog of emotional insecurities, evaluate them with the help of Venus. The planet of self-worth! Yes, Venus rules many aspects of our lives, however - we know our self-worth thanks to Venus in particular. Venus is our barometer that help us evaluate what worth our time, money, energy etc. Venus tell us what we like and dislike. Now the goddess of love has joined the ultimate rules of eternal love , the emotional helper to survive and the messenger of the planets to end what we dislike and to open ourselves to what we love. 

The correct questions for these two days - do we feel one with everyone around us, do we feel confident we are worth loving, do we know what love actually is, can we give love to others, can we receive love from others? 

The situation is so dramatic and provocative! 

If you manage to work on those aspects today and tomorrow, you should be ready for all the new beginnings promised by the New Moon in Aries. 

I am certain if we do not clear our emotional closets, nothing will change.

Just remember - love is a vibration of highest possible octave, once you vibrate with it the Universe synchronizes with you. The goal is not only to receive it but also to give it back! If you do not give it back we become needy and stuck in the never-ending cycle of wanting more for the self. 

On a happier note - be sure to understand when the Universe sends you love, pay attention to the signs , do not get embarrassed when you show your emotional side, be distracted with pleasure-  we might never understand the complicated ways of the Universe. 

I am deeply convinced these planets came together to show us the path of the Love. Be part of it!

Does it matter which sign are you? Not, not really! Emotions will provoked and taken into a new level. 

For Water signs this is going to be even longer than 2 days, they will feel deeply and longer. 

Earth signs will deny to have feelings.

Air signs should wonder what is happening to them and try to explain it logically. 

Fire signs will scream,cry, shout louder than usual.  

  Ahh... and yes, you might get drunk faster!