New Moon in Aries on the 5th of April 2019

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02 Apr

This yer the New Moon comes on the 5th of April in Aries. This is the most significant new moon of the year as Aries is the natural ruler of everything new- new beginnings, new relationships,new business, new look. So... if you are looking to start something new- hurry up and be ready by the new moon. Now is excellent time to be more introvert, think about our actions in the past, what has happened in our lives , and take action for the new to come. Do not just sit around and wait for it to be delivered in your lap.... Well this also might happens, but the energy of Aries requires actions. 

This new moon will be very beneficial for all Aries who were born with a day difference and for sure will bring new beginnings to all of them. In which aspect of life? Well... depends on the position of the Sun in the natal chart. 

Apart from Aries the other sign that will be mostly impacted by the new moon is Libra. This definitely will bring separation and a lot of Goodbyes in their lives, especially for the ones born at the end of September and the beginning of October. Again, what sort of relationships will see ending is hard to say without the personal charts. 

Next to feel strongly the influence are people born in under Cancer or Capricorn - they will have challenges in front of the! Separations and new are not likely, here will be more of problems in the relationships that come out, after a long sleep. Both Cancer and Capricorn will wish they could start all over, but it is not so easy to achieve it. 

Finally some good news for Leos and Sagittarius - this new moon will bring excellent energy to those people. They will feel the doors are opening for them and all new things are  welcome! 

Regardless of your Sun sign, make a wish during new moon, Wish for whatever you need to begin happening in your life. Make it known to the Universe that you really want a change and you are willing to take an action~