Money indicators in the astro-chart and help for business

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19 Mar

Traditionally in Astrology money are connected to one specific house - the second, as usual the entire opposition works, meaning second- eight. I always wondered why possessions and money become such a focus in ones life when it is only one single part of your horoscope? People's obsession with money is fascinating! So... I gave it a good tough.  It is not money only it is self-value or how much are we worth. Then the connection with the eight house became more clear. If in the second are our own possession in eight are money coming from parents, partners, banks, all sorts of financial institutions.  Eight house however also rules very deep subconscious dynamics such as taboos, sex drive, manipulation, fears. It turns our that all of these are connected. The more money I can take out of other people ( eight house) the better I am ( second house). 

Did not mean to get carried away. So money! Money are represented in different ways depending on what we actually expect and need. The ability to do business is defined by second, sixth and tenth houses. Money from business come from the eleventh house, financial aid or suffering are illustrated by the eight house as are the inherited belongings. We are adding the fifth house as opposite to the eleventh ..... and here lays the answer to obsession with money.When I really think about it turns out that we have now 4! houses related to them in case we have own business. Even if we do not have our won business .....then we have a family - the money of our parents, the money of our children, the money of children's partners, etc. Turns out money are everywhere but our inability to accept this  or to admit it openly comes from the eight house, remember what I said about it ..... taboos are here. Inevitably the subject of money becomes an obsession as it is deeply hidden by the rulership of Scorpio and Pluto. 

All of the above mentioned houses have their rules- natural and according to the chart. To put in more meaningful terms Venus rules second house, Pluto eight, Uranus the eleventh and Sun the fifth as natural rulers. Mars is the old ruler of the eight and Saturn of the eleventh. This is to show - 6 out of 10 horoscope indicators can be connected to money..... without even putting the actual rulers according to the personal chart. 

Are you also convinced that there is no wonder why money are so important to us the people?

What can Astrology do to help here? 

First there are good ways to reveal to my clients what is there money situation now and for the future. 

Next comes promotional at work, unexpected  gains and losses from works efforts.

Gambling and hazard games can also be reviewed during a personal consultation. 

The best however is of course the support for business - own business, inherited, in partnership etc. What would be the best time to start, to re-think ideas, to launch new offerings, treats by frauds, best time for financial help and many more. The single most useful for sure is - how much can you make out a business started this year or the next. 

Do not get me wrong, I believe all people should work for their pleasure but in order to have the best possible timing Astrology is the right tool.

P.S. Not to mention that your business will be well presented into your chart!