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We are about providing personal insights on Astrology, aiming to help people with their major questions in life such as - who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life? What is the meaning of it ?
Astrology has served me for many years as trusted counsellor in difficult times. Astrology not only provided meaning and deeper understanding of the hardship in my life but also guided me to the light of acceptance, comfort and growth.
Since this is a knowledge that has been around for over 2000 years there is no doubts in my heart it is working, helping, and so much more....
There is no magic or witchcraft in Astrology, it is a system created by the hard work of many gifted ones who turned their eyes, minds and hearts to the stars. Started observing, calculating, making logical connections, but above all believed in the higher purpose of live itself.
If you allow us to be your guide in the Astrology knowledge of the self we can promise you exception insights, not only for what future holds, but also for what past means.
Welcome to the most exiting and interesting journey in your life!!!



Personal consultation with a professional astrologer focusing on existing problem. The meaning on the consultation is for you to ask all your questions related to your personal astro-chart. Very useful for people who do not know anything about astrology, how it works, why is it so important, what it means to them. Also, here we have a predictive element for potential future events in your life

Business horoscope

This consultation can be used for many different aspects of your business from when to start your new venture to when you can except your income to rise. Looks into best products that can be developed, when to launch them on the marketplace, should you need additional funding, would you get funding, is there a true partner or the partnership is fraudulent. The consultation will take around 50 minutes and will be focused on combining your personal chart, your company's chart, your partners, and transits for the upcoming months. This sort of consultation prepares you for the best and worst business wise, one of the success accelerators for business - new or developed already.

Solar return consultation

One of the most useful tools of Astrology. This method provides yearly events based horoscope. Closes the gaps between personal chart, transit and events for 12 months. Start date is your birthday and we look into detailed events for the next 12 months of your life. This consultation can take up to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity. We look at the key significant such as Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven,- looking for the focus of the year, what should you work on, what new will come, what would you say "Goodbye" to. Very exciting and predictive of what the future brings to you.

Consultation for couples

This consultation is for people who would like to have a deep dive in the meaning of their relationship.Look for patterns in the daily life that are not constructive, useful, or even loving. The goal is to break the unhealthy habits that tear people apart.

Partnership report

When in love we all have our ups and downs, wondering where is this going, what it brings to us, is it really healthy and good for us, what can we do to improve the relationship. This is a excellent report for people who would like to have an insight of the relationship, the good and bad sides of it, the influences and how the stars are supporting the personal growth for both.

Talents of your children

Report that explores personal talents. This is a beneficial tool for your children. The idea behind it to explore and give guidance to parents to what might be best development paths for children. The goal is to have a handy book of the skills already given to your child and how to best support them on their journey in life. This is a very personal perspective for each person and here we shall look into the immediate interests as well as the future manifestation of talents. Knowing your child's interests and abilities,and understand their motivations can be enlightening, helpful and supportive to you as a parent.

Karmic Horoscope

One of the most rarely provided now days as a lot of people believe different things about Karma. We are not going to try to change your believes only simply provide you with the interpretation of your chart according to the Astrology spirit. This report will serve you for deeper insights on many elements of your life. The work with it should be open minded and intuitive.


This is a written report containing your astro-chart with explanations and interpretations for personal use.It is very handy for people who already are interested in astrology and would like to have something to keep coming back to when in question about events in life.

Astrology gives us explanation and meaning

Let's see what is your guiding star

Do not live in the shadow of your Sun. It is here to give you direction, guiding light, warmth and happiness

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  • 33 Pirotska Str. (the corner with Hristo Botev Blvd)
  • Face to face consultations are held in CRE8 Coworking. These are held upon agreed time and date via mail or phone.


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